March photo-a-day {days 23, 24, 25, 26}

March photo-a-day {wrap up post}


{Home arts}

Sky made this cutting board for the sweet friend who lets Meg & Josie ride his horses.  The horse in the center was put in using an inlay method - the horse is cut out in pieces, like a jig-saw puzzle and then set into the scooped-out board.  It has a back-view of the horse on the other side. The stripes are different types of wood put together to make one whole board.  My guy is pretty talented :)


-not my chores: this is our neighbor across the street, the photo in my blog header is taken from his yard, looking back at my house.  I love, love his poppies.  We see him out almost daily working in his yard.  His grass is smooth like a carpet.  When we first moved in, we kind of raised our eyebrows at each other in fun the first time we saw him vacuuming his lawn with a shop-vac.  Who's amused now??  He has an awesome yard.  People drive by to look at his poppies.  His yard is super awesome because he spends a lot of time working in it. (ours-not so much. We make an effort so we won't make him cry when he looks out his front window....)



I captured these wisteria blooms in the morning light.  Quite a bit of sun-flare going on, but I like the dreamy look of it.


Emma is quite motivated to get out the peanut butter in this jar.  She loves peanut butter!  Meg decided to skip stuffing a kong toy with it and just give her the almost-empty jar.  It kept her busy for quite a while.

hope you are having a happy Spring, bloggy friends! <3

March Photo-a-day {days 18,19,20,21,22}

{Day 18 ~family  Day 19 ~grammar}


Okay, "family" kind of stumped me, it's been a while since I've had a photo with all of us in I decided to show you our family art here on these shelves.  We've got art work here by the kids and by me.    Grammar- here is a lesson I did with the kids on definite & indefinite adjectives.

{day 20 ~view}


a view of my backyard, Annabelle and Dapples like to roost on this bench in the evening.

{day 21 ~Me  day 22 ~try}


Me:  Dapples was looking for a treat while I was out in Sky's workshop.  Try: We traveled to Hemet for Josie's first official saber tournament, she went to qualify for the upcoming regional tournaments in July.  This was a small event, just right for getting our feet wet :)

I have gotten so far behind on this photo challenge, eek!y

(you can find the March prompts here, if you'd like to join in!)

How is your March closing?  Was march gentle like a lamb or roaring for you??  Mine was kind of roaring!

March Photo-a-day {days 14, 15, 16, 17}

March photo-a-day challenge

Photobucketday 14  {Math}

a short lesson for Demi & Sky out of their 6th grade test prep.  The chocolate bar upper right made me hungry....

I'll have to remember for tomorrow that fractions are more fun with Hershey Bars :)



day 15  {Mom-my-ride}

Sunday morning, I was sick in bed but Sky and the kids jumped into my car and discovered it had been broken into and the fancy nav/stereo was gone!  Also gone: my ashtray which holds spare change :(

I recently moved way up in style and got an older, many miles on it- used car.  *But, it is loaded to the max.  I told Sky I was  never going back, luxury for me, all-the-way!  (it has heated seats- OOXXO)

But alas, my love affair lasted only a few months.  I'm back to "mom-my-ride" land...

day 16 {black & white}

snapped a photo with my iphone of the ash tree next door.  There is a huge crows nest up there, and everyday I see mr. & mrs. crow sitting together in the tree.


day 17 {green}

this is my keychain, it is an Irish symbol of the trinity.  (I was sick St. Patrick's day, so nothing festive happened, except Meg danced in an Irish dance show)

Well my lovelies, a horrible host I have been!  I am so behind, but I have been really sick.  Link up or comment if you have been keeping up!

You can find the link-up and the list of March prompts here:

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March photo-a-day {days 11, 12, 13}

March photo-a-day challenge {this moment, effort, art}


{this moment} Meg and Josie are spending a lot of time riding. We were so blessed this year to meet an older couple that delight in having our girls exercise their horses!

{effort}  Josie is wanting to step up her fencing game and start competing.  We started a fast-track coaching program that has her (and mom) at the fencing academy almost daily.

{art}  Sky put together this board which I then painted with chalkboard paint-to hang over the couch.  I love it!

I apologize for getting behind on the challenge, I've been pretty sick with a nasty virus and bad asthma.  -I've got some catching up to do!

can't wait to see what you have come up with!  Link up or comment :)

March photo-a-day {days 7-10}


*day 7 {sky} a piece of the blue sky above the blossoming tree in our front yard.

*day 8 {handwriting} Amie's handwriting worksheet of Psalm 100:1 ~Abeka curriculum


*day 9 {snack} carob and peanut butter cookie DOG treats for Emma. Yes, dog treats. They smell delicious, the only way you would know they are for dogs is by the bones stamped on them!  I didn't try one, but I bet they taste pretty good!

*day 10 {together} Meg rode doubles with Amie so Amie could experience riding a running horse.  I love that my kids are good to each other. <3

you can find the photo prompts for March here*

March photo-a-day {self-portrait} & {books}

March photo-a-day [days 5 & 6]


Yesterday, I had it planned (in my head) to stage an artsy self-portrait in front of my homeschool bookcase or my reading book-shelves >with my beloved nikon in hand.  Monday turned out to be more busy than usual, and it never happened.  Instead, I offer up this photo I snapped with my iphone while sitting in my van.  This shot tells a lot about me...busy mom sitting in her van on the way to some kid activity.

This is me}}


Day 6 {Books}


ahh, my beloved books!  Here is my personal reading bookcase in all its messy/ topsy-turvy glory.  It is telling that the only neat shelves contain the Grace Livingston Hill books I collect.  My shelves display the things that interest me:  New things to try, perhaps...old favorites I read over and over, books I am done with and need to give away to someone who will love them.

We are a book-loving family :)


**you can find the prompts for March and link up here**

March photo-a-day challenge {smile}

L.E.N.S. March photo-a-day *Smile


Having teens, I am mostly restricted on photo-taking priviledges...yeah, they can be difficult subjects.  Kind of hard on a photo-loving mom.  Today's prompt gave me a bit of a challenge...I didn't think I'd have much luck gettting one of my teens to pose for {smile}.  Instead, I banked on the labradoodle.

Dogs are pack animals and need to be with the pack (which at our house, is us).  I didn't really understand this concept before we looked to get a dog.  Mostly, we are home-folk- the whole homeschooling thing means someone is almost always home.  When we do leave for a long period, Emma is so very beside herself when we come home.  This is the ritual when we walk in: she barks happily as the key jingles in the door, we walk in and she wags furiously, nuzzles everyone, nips at my heels, and then she romps with Sky.  He pets her and grabs her and spins her around.  She loves this.

I grabbed my camera today when we came home, and snapped a photo of our smiling, so-very-happy dog.

Her expression here is smile + bliss

*you can find the linky for the March photo-a-day challenge here

March photo-a-day {color}

March photo-a-day challenge Day 3: Color


My photo today is all about pink.  I snapped this photo of my neice today at our house.  Little Miss knows how to work a crowd!!  She is adorable, I wanted to follow her around all day with my camera!  We had a birthday party today for our Amie, who is 10 now.  The weather here was perfect for an outside, sit-on-your- porch- and- visit sort of party!

I hope you will join us tomorrow when the prompt will be {smile}

you can see the list of prompts, and sign into the linky for the L.E.N.S. March photo-a-day challenge *here and we are using the hashtag #marchlens at instagram and twitter :)