L.E.N.S. Photo-a-day challenge *March

I am going to try to take a photo a day in March.  I'd love to have you join me!  If you'd like to challenge yourself to take more photos and if having an assignment would help- link up here!

**You can post your photo each day on your blog or on your photo sharing site,** [or instragram]**or go ahead and do one each day, but save up and share them all at once at the end.  {I am going to do both, post each day and then at the end post them all in a collage}

Get creative, use your camera phone for quick photos!

It's ok if you miss a day, or three....*You can join up at any time during the month!

Link up  here and visit around :)  Link up only once to say your are participating, not everyday :0 We will use the hashtag #marchlens at twitter & instragram

Please feel free to grab either of the photos above for your blog.