March photo-a-day {days 23, 24, 25, 26}

March photo-a-day {wrap up post}


{Home arts}

Sky made this cutting board for the sweet friend who lets Meg & Josie ride his horses.  The horse in the center was put in using an inlay method - the horse is cut out in pieces, like a jig-saw puzzle and then set into the scooped-out board.  It has a back-view of the horse on the other side. The stripes are different types of wood put together to make one whole board.  My guy is pretty talented :)


-not my chores: this is our neighbor across the street, the photo in my blog header is taken from his yard, looking back at my house.  I love, love his poppies.  We see him out almost daily working in his yard.  His grass is smooth like a carpet.  When we first moved in, we kind of raised our eyebrows at each other in fun the first time we saw him vacuuming his lawn with a shop-vac.  Who's amused now??  He has an awesome yard.  People drive by to look at his poppies.  His yard is super awesome because he spends a lot of time working in it. (ours-not so much. We make an effort so we won't make him cry when he looks out his front window....)



I captured these wisteria blooms in the morning light.  Quite a bit of sun-flare going on, but I like the dreamy look of it.


Emma is quite motivated to get out the peanut butter in this jar.  She loves peanut butter!  Meg decided to skip stuffing a kong toy with it and just give her the almost-empty jar.  It kept her busy for quite a while.

hope you are having a happy Spring, bloggy friends! <3