March photo-a-day challenge {smile}

L.E.N.S. March photo-a-day *Smile


Having teens, I am mostly restricted on photo-taking priviledges...yeah, they can be difficult subjects.  Kind of hard on a photo-loving mom.  Today's prompt gave me a bit of a challenge...I didn't think I'd have much luck gettting one of my teens to pose for {smile}.  Instead, I banked on the labradoodle.

Dogs are pack animals and need to be with the pack (which at our house, is us).  I didn't really understand this concept before we looked to get a dog.  Mostly, we are home-folk- the whole homeschooling thing means someone is almost always home.  When we do leave for a long period, Emma is so very beside herself when we come home.  This is the ritual when we walk in: she barks happily as the key jingles in the door, we walk in and she wags furiously, nuzzles everyone, nips at my heels, and then she romps with Sky.  He pets her and grabs her and spins her around.  She loves this.

I grabbed my camera today when we came home, and snapped a photo of our smiling, so-very-happy dog.

Her expression here is smile + bliss

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