March Photo-a-day {days 18,19,20,21,22}

{Day 18 ~family  Day 19 ~grammar}


Okay, "family" kind of stumped me, it's been a while since I've had a photo with all of us in I decided to show you our family art here on these shelves.  We've got art work here by the kids and by me.    Grammar- here is a lesson I did with the kids on definite & indefinite adjectives.

{day 20 ~view}


a view of my backyard, Annabelle and Dapples like to roost on this bench in the evening.

{day 21 ~Me  day 22 ~try}


Me:  Dapples was looking for a treat while I was out in Sky's workshop.  Try: We traveled to Hemet for Josie's first official saber tournament, she went to qualify for the upcoming regional tournaments in July.  This was a small event, just right for getting our feet wet :)

I have gotten so far behind on this photo challenge, eek!y

(you can find the March prompts here, if you'd like to join in!)

How is your March closing?  Was march gentle like a lamb or roaring for you??  Mine was kind of roaring!