March photo-a-day {self-portrait} & {books}

March photo-a-day [days 5 & 6]


Yesterday, I had it planned (in my head) to stage an artsy self-portrait in front of my homeschool bookcase or my reading book-shelves >with my beloved nikon in hand.  Monday turned out to be more busy than usual, and it never happened.  Instead, I offer up this photo I snapped with my iphone while sitting in my van.  This shot tells a lot about me...busy mom sitting in her van on the way to some kid activity.

This is me}}


Day 6 {Books}


ahh, my beloved books!  Here is my personal reading bookcase in all its messy/ topsy-turvy glory.  It is telling that the only neat shelves contain the Grace Livingston Hill books I collect.  My shelves display the things that interest me:  New things to try, perhaps...old favorites I read over and over, books I am done with and need to give away to someone who will love them.

We are a book-loving family :)


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