The Ultimate Blog Party 2010~Welcome to the Party!

Welcome to the Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010 Welcome to our little spot on the internet!

Make yourself at home, and please look around! There are tabs to click on the top..and a topic cloud on the right margin, click away, I love visitors!

We are a Southern California Homeschooling family. We have 4 kids, but you will notice that I am homeschooling 5 kids...Teddy is our bonus student and is the same age as our son.

I'm Jenny, homeschool-mom, blogger, beginner photographer, lover of diet coke, bittersweet chocolate and all things carb. I love to read, in another life I used to paint, and I am trying to get back into yoga. This season in life I am mostly homeschool mom- it is my main work/interest/hobby/concern.

I love my Lord, my husband, my children and our life together. I blog about these and many other things.

Sky is the Leading Man, principal of our school, woodworker, building inspector, lover of the Word and my kids' favorite play fellow. He is super hard-working, and an artist with construction type things. We met when we were 16.

Our Children are Meg age 14, Josie age 13, Demi-Sky age 10 and Amie who is our baby, age 8.

*no, these are not their real names.

We have home-schooled from the beginning, using many different materials and styles- I write and review many of them here.

Mostly I love being a home-school family, but there are some days, honestly, I'd rather be doing something else. Some days I panic and wonder what I am doing and how did I get here? But most days I love what we do and how we live. For us, homeschooling is more how we live, not what we do.

Our family includes our 1 year old puppy, Emma. She's called Emma the wonder labradoodle mostly on the blog. She is a wonderful dog and a great addition to our family.

We also have 4 hens as pets, one of the reasons we are not exactly a typical Orange County family. This one is Little Wing, you can read about our hen's love of treats here*.

Come explore our reading fun, learning experiences ,our family travels, my few adventures solo and our faith.

I heart comments!

Thanks for stopping by!