stepping back onto the yoga mat

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for the day- I felt the need to stretch my legs a bit. Just a bit.

Then I moved into natarajasana- dancer's pose. My muscles remembered. My body was happy, "here is what I need!" my body seemed to sigh out.

As my arms stretched above my head, I thought about how as adults, having our arms stretched out, above our heads- is something we almost never experience. How very sad for us.

It felt good, stretching my muscles, my tendons, opening my heart, waking up my sleepy mind.

I slipped into the pose as deeply as I remembered, though it's been a year since I've practiced. I don't know what that says about my practice before..eek!

"Yoga practice is like life
Each circumstance in which we find ourselves is like a pose.
Some poses are hard to hold, others are pleasant.
It is how we hold the pose that determines whether or not we will suffer or grow
And whether or not we will listen to the drama of the ego or the wisdom of the spirit."

My yoga mat called, it misses me...