Singapore, around town

I love being in a different place. Things are just so, so...different. um, yeah... But seriously, it is so interesting to see different things, different ways. I thought this was interesting, -ERP- my first day in town I was riding in a taxi with Starlene to Morton's, and suddenly the taxi driver warned her that we were entering an ERP area. Starlene told him to go ahead. The ERP areas seem to be congested parts of town that you pay to enter into during heavy traffic times. The cars and taxis have electronic devices that charge you as you drive in - and I think, out! The amounts change reflecting how busy the hour is.
I thought this was a lovely shot of Starlene with her youngest daughter at the Shangri-la hotel. We went to the biggest, most lavish buffet I have ever been to here. Get this; they had a bounce house and balloon guy for the kids, and a separate kid-food bar. La-dee-da! It was a great place for people/fashion watching. The families at the buffet clearly lived in a different sphere than I do! I saw a mom who looked just like Nina on 24. Then we saw her again at Gymboree on another day. Maybe? Do movie stars live in Singapore? It gets better..she spoke German!
Starbucks. I know people like to knock it as being so franchised/redundit or something...but I love finding Starbucks in different countries. It's just so comforting, so American, so home. They are all the same, and thus a comfort in a foreign place. I am collecting photos of me and Sky at different Starbucks around the world.
You can't think American without Mcdonalds. Good or bad, there it is. As a mom, Mcdonalds has played a bigger part in the backdrop of my life than I care to think too hard about.

In Singapore, Mcdonalds delivers! I was consumed with this thought in a disquieting/unproportional way. I was wined and dined by Starlene and Eric all week, so I did not get to experience having Mc-dees delivered hot right to my door....!!! (Starlene will have to chronical this delight over at her blog.)

I was flustered one afternoon however, upon being asked if I wanted a carrier for my coke.
Well, no. It was just one coke, right?
Wrong. I was thinking of the american cardboard holder for 4 drinks.
Singapore has a plastic bag/carrier for the solo coke.

Accessories for my diet coke. How cool is that?!