First Love

I so enjoy this journey, walking my children through childhood. I enjoy watching them becoming, watching them work out who they are and what they believe, and how much they believe it.

My world used to be so much more black/white, wrong/ much more sure in absolutes. I'm finding as I am becoming older, my world is more and more filled with shades of gray.

My world used to be bigger, more vast. Now my universe is our home. Dreams of far away places and ministering in a far-off land, suffering for the Lord perhaps, have faded to the practical, the more immediate. I minister, now, the mission field at my feet. I feed the Bible school boys far from home. I serve my local church, my children and their friends.

But oh, how I love, love, love...the possibilities in the lives of my children. I can't go out right now, ...but maybe they will.

Meg played her fiddle again at the antique district...playing for dollars again.
She set out a stack of Bible study tracts.

I never would have thought it or suggested it. My gray world has become a little more timid of sharing my beliefs so boldly. My world is not black and white anymore.
But for my Meg, it is.
I love she is bold to feel out the boundaries of who she is and what she believes and what she has to say to others.

I love to be reminded to step out of the way.

Lesson one - do not hide
Lesson two - there are right ways to fight
And if you have questions
We can talk through the night

So you know who you are
And you know what you want
I've been where you're going
And it's not that far
It's too far to walk
But you don't have to run
You'll get there in time....
-Jars of Clay