Hens love sunflower seeds

Our hens would sell their souls for sunflower seeds.

yes, their very chicken souls

Our hens would sell their souls lickety-split for sunflower seed, (they prefer hulled)
dry cat-food
and corn on the cob.
In that order.

This is very useful knowledge when attempting a yard shift-change.
Remember, the labradoodle and hens have to use the yard in shifts.
I have to remind Emma...

a hen is not a toy

This is Dapples in the above photo, talking to/sizing up/communing with Meg.
She is the smart, friendly, pet-like chicken. Meg used to carry her around in her pocket when she was a chick. Dapples is the only hen who likes to be petted and she likes to sit on Meg's arm and keep company. Hens are particularly heavy.
Particularly when they are perched on your arm like a parrot. Very heavy.

This is Annabelle. She must have possession of whatever goody anybody else has. She will drop her goodies in the belief that the other hen's goodies must be better.
She does a lot of running because of this.
It's why she is bad of temper.
She swears, too.

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