American Girl Place, Los Angeles-It's all about the dolls

The American Girl Place, Los Angeles was our destination last Thursday.

we had some good bloggy-guessers :)

Amie's Grandmother promised lunch and a day at the American Girl Store to buy the much-dreamed about doll of her dreams.

Imagine if you can, a huge two-story store- dedicated to dolls.

I was there, and I have to tell you it was real. Very real.
and girly, and fun, and kind of creepy, too. (just a little-did I just say that out-loud?)

Pink. It was very pink. We had lunch in the cafe. They had loaner dolls just in case you needed a lunch date. They even had little special chairs that hooked up onto the table.
The doll had her own plate and cup.
Of course.
I have to say that the cafe was pretty magical. Very pink. (don't drag along the brother..just don't!) The food was dainty and girlish, and pretty good. The dessert was all that, and very good! The day was a magical-memory-day, and having lunch made it more so.

And of course, the reason we were making this pilgrimage...the doll of her heart.
And all the accessories.
As we were nearing the store, Amie told me she was so excited that her tummy was tingly.
oh, to be so little again and so excited!

God bless Grandmother! :)