L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge-bokeh-WINNERS!!

We had a real variety of entries this week, some were 'in training' with their photos, trying-on bokeh, while others had interesting/different views. Again, each week, it is really, really hard to choose just two winners.

The winners of this week's photo challenge are:

1) Christine McKeel Photography

In this photo, she managed to capture the grass in front-sharply in focus, while getting the nice, soft bokeh grass effect in the back.

2) Prairie Tales

I choose this one because she stepped outside the box of scenery bokeh- which I admit, is what comes to my mind when I think of capturing a great bokeh shot. Instead, she went for this out of the ordinary view of a cake. Love it. And it's cake..what's not to love?

Great job everyone, beautiful photos, I enjoyed viewing them all, and I was inspired to get out and try some more bokeh shots.

thanks for playing!

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