Homeschool moms always... A list

31 Days to Build a Better Blog Day 2-

Day 2 Challenge: Write a list post.

I felt a little under pressure for time, so I went with a funny list. I did this type of list once before, early on in my blog career. You simply come up with a fun starting sentence, google it, and write down all the answers that make sense or are printable. My very first list was a "Jennifer should..." list, and it was fun to write.

Homeschool Moms always... (a google list)
1. Homeschool moms always have a special camaraderie.
Except when discussing charter schools, Harry Potter, Halloween, t.v. or unschooling-then it's take no prisoners time...
2. Homeschool moms always will continue to help.

3. Homeschool moms always will be notified when I post new things.
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4. Homeschool moms always are a highlight of each week. To the librarian.

5. Homeschool moms always realize the great privilege of teaching their children. Except when we want to run far, far away. But then we come back/are talked down or have some chocolate and we are good to go...Or when the Dentist asks them which month they were born and they reply that we didn't learn that...!

6. Homeschool moms were not always as political as today. Bless our hearts.

7. Homeschool mom always need a good source for free printables and worksheets.
And a hiding place.

8. Homeschool moms always try to schedule a little something.
To take to our hiding place...

9. Homeschool moms always refer to this hour as their 'lifeline'
This is the time after school-work is done, when we put our feet up, go to our hiding place and have our little something, which might or might not be a Mike's hard lemonade, the official drink of the Well-Trained Mind homeschool boards.
It really is.
I haven't had one though.

10. Homeschool moms say there is always tomorrow.
Because there is always one more resource, one more craft, one more field-trip, one more connection and one more memory to make!