31 Days to a better blog- Day 1

When I first ran across Pro-Blogger's e-book: 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, I knew I wanted to do it. At the time, I knew I was a little too busy. I also knew that I tend to start things and not finish them. It's a Jen thing.... So, when I found out that the SITS forum over at Blog Frog was forming a group to work through the book together- I was totally in! (though I bought the book and linked up on the start day..-it's a Jen thing...)

(If you want to join up, I think you still can- click on over, Pro-Blogger is even giving a discount to the group!)

Day 1 Challenge:

Write your elevator pitch:

It was suggested that you might consider putting your elevator pitch on your business card...so after much debating, writing and scratching out- I came up with this:

Home is Where You Start From - finding the sweet spot in learning.

The assignment also suggested a longer elevator pitch, which really took some work on my part. -I'm sharing that part over at the SITS forum.

I enjoyed the stretching this assignment gave me. I was really challenged to think about the goals I have for my blog, the reasons I re-visit other blogs, and which direction I want to take my little spot on the internet. I also had to think about the sort of posts I've been writing and how they meet or do not meet my goals.

Thank you SITS and Blog Frog for giving me the push and encouragement to tackle this project!