L.E.N.S. ~A book is an Adventure Winners!

Here are the two winners of this week's L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge.  Thank you so much for playing!  

1)  Homeschooling Just Next Door

I love the intense look of concentration captured here, and how close she got, filling up the frame. We also have a soft spot at our house for Amelia Bedelia! <3


2) Serving From Home


I really like the different point of view shown here. This is a really neat shot.  Love that he is reading the Bible! I heart this! :)


thank you for joining up with us!   I will not be hosting another L.E.N.S. on Saturday, after some soul-searching and some decisions regarding where my energies are best spent- I've sort of decided to put the brakes on L.E.N.S. and maybe host it once a month. I am thinking maybe having L.E.N.S. on the first Saturdays...not sure if anyone will be able to remember to link up once a month....we will see how it goes. I still love bettering my photography, and I love seeing what other bloggers come up with.

see you 'round the internet, friends.

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~Back to School~ L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge Winners!

I loved seeing your Back to School photos, thank you for sharing with us!  Here are the two photos that jumped out at me this week:  

1) Scripted Heart

I love the concept of school in nature here. Wonderful!  The world really is our classroom!

2) Cordial Chaos


Sweet, classic back to school photo.  Love all the pink!!

Thank you everyone for playing!  I enjoyed getting to know our new participants! :)

I hope you will join us on Saturday when our challenge will be:

A book is an adventure

L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge- Pattern ~Winners!

Thank you, everyone for linking up with us this week, I enjoyed seeing your entries :) Here are the two picks for this challenge:

1) Janet Rose

I have a soft spot for moose, and I love simple line-designs.  This is a fun photo :)

2) Serving from Home

I love the pattern on the table-cloth, the colors and the pattern of the number tiles.  There is so much going on in this shot!


Thank you for playing!  I hope you will link up with us next week when we celebrate

Back to School !


L.E.N.S. winners- {Live} in the moment

So glad you joined us for the LEarning Never Stops Photo Challenge!  Here are the two photos that grabbed me this week: 1) Homeschool Girls

This photo is full of sweet laughter, sweet youth, and magical willow dust. Lovely moment :)

2) Janet Rose


So much that I love about this photo.  I love the shades of pink and reds. I love the different perspective, and I love the anticipation of the catch.  Great photo!  It was not our only fishing entry, either! (great minds think alike!)

I am so glad you joined up with us!  I hope you will join us this Saturday when the challenge will be:


L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge ~Summer {end} Winners!

Thank you for linking up with us this week!  Um, sorry the winners are posted a day late, I got caught up in family fun, beach day, homeschool, etc... The two photos that jumped out at me this week are:

1) Ten Kids and a Dog

I love the sun flare captured here, and just the perfect ending of a perfect day pictured here.


2) Seven Steps Up

This photo was a fun try with optical illusion.  I love how whimsical it is.

Thank you everyone for playing!  I hope you will return on Saturday, when the theme will be:

~live in the moment


L.E.N.S.Photo Challenge {this moment} winners!

Thank you everyone for playing this week!  Loved seeing your moments! Here are the two that jumped out at me this week:


1) Zonnah

 This Moment

A sweet capture of a sweet moment.  I love the bright reds and pinks, and I love the soft bokeh of this shot.  This photo captures a dreamy moment.

2) Our Peculiar lives

I love this photo.  The muted color palette, the feminine dress, the togetherness.  Very sweet moment.

thank you everyone for sharing your moments with us!

I hope you will join us next week when the challenge will be:

Summer delight

L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge: The view from here *winners!

I so enjoyed everyone's entries, thank you so much for sharing your unique view and life with us!  Here are the two photos that really jumped out at me, though, once again, it was difficult to chose only two... 1) Hammock Tracks


I love the perspective of this shot, the little girl, the action of the birds, and the vast emptiness of the beach. A lovely photo!


2) Janet Rose


This photo of a glacier is stunning. Just wow.  You almost feel as if you were there.  Love the whites, grays, blues...

Thank you everyone for sharing your photos with us!

I hope you will join us on Saturday, when the challenge will be:

{This Moment}