Welcome to the party!

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Welcome to our little spot on the internet!

This is the week for The Ultimate Blog Party '08
hosted over at 5 Minutes for Mom. Click to hop on over and visit other parties!

Make yourselves at home, grab a diet coke and feel free to look around the place.

We are a Southern California homeschooling family;
Jenny is the blogger and homeschool-mom,
Sky is resident principal, handyman/visionary, building inspector by trade (specializing in schools and hospitals) and farmer wanna-be. Our Children are; Meg 12-loves horses and plays the violin, Josie 11- plays the piano, paints and is very into The Warrior series, Demi-Sky 8- very into dragons, Wii and beginner skateboarder (also known as The boy wonder and Snackman) and Amie 6-inhouse personality, budding Irish dancer and always very "sewerious".

This blog is mostly about our family, the things we find humorous, our homeschool adventures, homeschooling methods and books, our faith, our love of reading, travels and projects around the house.

Things around here are kind of scattered, kind of eclectic- a reflection of our house and
homeschool style.

In some ways, we are a typical Orange County family....and in many ways we are probably not.

We currently have 4 hens as pets, this one is Dapples- click on over to see her musings on a perfect day...
We also have a cat named Oliver and a guinea pig named Guinea-Guinea.

We joke that we are farmer wanna-bes...and dream sometimes of having a farm somewhere. But then we come back to reality and realize we are city folks...we love our Barnes & Nobles date nights,
our Indian food, our libraries and our days at the Skate park and Disneyland.

So glad to meet you! Drop a comment so I know you were here...
and stay and visit a while!