Thursday Thirteen #9 by our guest hen

13 elements of a rock-on day, by guest-hen: Dapple

1. Farmer-man lets us out of the coop at a respectable hour. Not so late that we are hollering.

2. Farmer-man is generous with the feed bucket(and keeps Annabelle from hogging)

3. The earth is warmed by the sun, and the soil is at just the right dampness for finding lots of worms.

4. Someone opens the garage and we find lots of crickets before they hide

5. a joyful song because I laid the most beautiful egg-bet you didn't know that chickens like to sing. - When the right mood moves us.

6. lots of fresh, cool water-in a red dish, red is our favorite color

7. sun on my back, lots of soft, fine, warm dirt just right for a dust bath followed by a nap

8. cornbread made just for us, with seeds and fresh veggies inside

9. churning up the compost heap with my feet

10. snail hunts in the neighbor's calla lily patch

11. she-who-tends-the-flock bringing us yummy pasta, and making sure everyone gets her fair share.

12. preening in the cool of the evening to the backdrop of wild parrot calls

13. the crooning and clucking-like sounds she-who-tends-the flock makes over us as she checks us in for the night and locks the doors.

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