Evil, thy name is cable

I wrote in an earlier post that we were getting cable after more then 5 years of being t.v.-free. Oh how we have paid and paid for this impulse! After the cable-guy left, our home phone no longer worked, our wireless router no longer worked, and we could not figure out how to turn off the cable box. -Which meant, being attached to my computer monitor (no real t.v. in the house) that whenever my computer went to sleep mode- the cable came on the screen. This is actually very upsetting for parents who do not allow their kids to watch t.v. or worse, the commercials.

We called and asked them to come take it away. Far away.
Evil, thy name is cable and my house and life are now disrupted.

They came..and now my home phone does not work, my wireless does not work, and I no longer have internet connection. I started to twitch yesterday.

We are getting a bundle from our original internet provider now, and after 4 or so technicians have visited our house- we now have phone service, but still no internet. "Why, oh why?"...I lay awake at night wondering. O.k. not really, I just stay awake late reading, because what else is there to do now that I can't read blogs and so forth?...

I am at the library writing this. Which is useful, but still not my comfy home.
Did I mention I started twitching?

I have lots to post about, and photos too...but it might be a few days, internet friends. I actually went on a mini vacation with a friend this weekend, lots to post about...

see you around the internet, friends- have a great week!