The Bees in his bonnet

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, or something like that... we love living in Orange County, and we love our house and neighborhood. But, deep down- Sky and I flirt with the idea of farming. We are farmer wanna-bes. Besides the hens, the ever growing and perfecting garden, and the worm farm...Sky has wanted to add apiarist to his list of farm-man skills. I persuaded him to put the brakes on that particular dream (the neighbors really would not have understood!), but not before he had done considerable research and had talked to a few members of a local apiarist club. Your eyebrows are probably climbing northward right now..but really, it's not such a way- out- there idea. Check out this recent article in the Orange County register by Cindy McNatt:

The secret lives of beekeepers

Backyard apiarists tend to not want any buzz about their hobby.

go *here* to read the article

a really interesting, well-done article. And yes, they really don't want any "buzz" about the hobby...they kind of meet in secret, and keep their hives under the radar. Most of us here in Orange county aren't exactly zoned for bees.

we still flirt with the idea, once in awhile of moving to Washington State and making a killing in the honey business. Who knows?