Club Jen

The Jennifer club had a non-work weekend convention of sorts. Guess where?
...well, this sign gives it away. My friend Jen had a work conference to attend in Beverly Hills and she invited me to join her once is was finished.

Can you believe that I am a born and raised Southern California girl, and yet I have never visited Rodeo Drive?!

Well, that's the best photo I have of's kind of a hard thing to corral a stranger and ask them to take a photo of you...

I thought this part of the street was the prettiest,
kind of European-looking.

It was so unbelievably relaxing to sleep in each morning, breakfast late and to wander the many shops without a time table (or potty breaks or cries of "I'm bored, can we go now?!")

Here is the view from our room balcony- I think this was the nicest hotel I've stayed in (think down pillows, down duvets and marble).

The hotel was the ...something "Continental"

which of course made me think of this- every
time I said it or thought it...

It was a blast of a weekend, more to come...