The anemia diaries

I mentioned that I just discovered that I am really anemic. I always come up anemic, so I was prepared for that-it was the level of and the seriousness of that took me by surprise. It may explain many things, like why I am cold all the time (taking into account my circulation problem) and why I do things like this and this...and why I am always tired.

Wednesday found me on day 7 of taking 2 mulit-vitamins a day and fish oil capsules and day 4 of taking 2 iron pills a day. It also marked the beginnings of some rumblings in my tummy, which have marked the end of iron taking in past, I reached for the gentle, natural senna laxative I keep on hand for my little one.

Thursday found me locked in the bathroom all morning and a good part of the evening.

As I sat/(crouched) crying and cursing iron, (while trying to decide which end to point at the toilet) Sky, my knight in shining armor busted in, baring not red roses (would so not have been appreciated at the moment) but a red bucket (be still, my beating heart!) thus ending my undignified crouching dilemma. Moments like that really bring home the meaning of unconditional love. Then he took himself to the drug store to find something to relieve me.
He called his Dr. Brother, who enlightened us on the difference between laxative and stool softener.

To sum up:

Laxative- Bad
stool softener-good

I swore off iron pills for the rest of the day, until the next day when Sky talked some sense back into me. This is way more than you really want to know, isn't it? Gotta write what I live, friends.

All that time spent, ahem, reflecting caused me to wax poetic in my ponderings (in between the crying). I give you, internets- 2 haikus:

Anemia hunts
I wage war yet find
-cold, white porcelain


This coldness I fight
wage my medicinal war
et-tu laxative?