how the other half lives, sort of

Sky's brother called the other night, this is the Dr. Brother.
To set the stage, he is the Dr. Brother who is not a high-powered, highly-paid surgeon...but the Dr. Bro who is in a small private practice, who has more than the average number of kids, who used loans to live off of and to pay for medical school, who has a mortgage, private school and a few horses to keep up.

Dr. Brother: "Sky, you'll never guess where I am right now!"

Sky: "No, I probably won't, so tell me."

Dr. Brother: "I'm in a private season ticket suite for the xyz team (insert fav. sports team), eating hors-d'oeuvres and getting a sales pitch for this private suite for the next 5 seasons.!"

Sky: "Wow! Sounds fun, but expensive, how much are they going for?"

Dr. Brother: " $100,000.00" (a little aside here, no that is not a typo!)

Sky: "So....when are you going to tell them that you're broke, pretty much?"

Dr. Brother: "not till after dessert, they're treating us to dinner, too."

okay then....