Am I in sync?

Camp week was a rough week for me;- Intellectually.
Actually, the unsettled-ness followed me for a week or two after... It wasn't really all my fault. It was a cosmic, I-have-kids/ Jenny's world- collision- sort of week. And, Sky was out of town; the linear half of our partnership.

The first photo here is from my van, on my way
to drop Meg off at horse camp. Saturday afternoon we ran into a roadblock before heading up the mountain.

See the water-dropping helicopter in-between the trees-center of the photo?

Here is a shot of the fire-trucks lined up on the side of the road. Not bad photos, taken one-handed, while driving and trying to follow the nice police-man's directions...

We were detoured off the highway onto a side-road, in an area I am not familiar with.

I pulled over, once at a safe-ish spot, to call the camp and get alternate directions.

Had a nice discussion about camp- which was starting on Sunday afternoon. Did I mention I took these photos on Saturday?

Yes, I drove 2 hrs. one way and endured a wild-fire roadblock..just to turn around and drive 2 hrs. back. And then I had to drive the 3hrs each way on Sunday.

Not totally my fault. 3 things conspired against me, besides my Jenny-ness ...

1. The handy wipe/off wall calendar I bought, and had installed on the wall, so I could be better organized. The wipe/off wall calendar my kids took over and began taking turns filling out every month. The wall calendar that my kids had filled out wrong on 2 other prior occasions, not counting this notorious instance.

2. Sky cleaned out our "important papers" spot next to the microwave before he left on his trip. The spot where we scientifically jam things we will need soon, but don't want to take time to put away somewhere. He put them away somewhere and I couldn't find them. This included the camp registration information- which included the time we needed to be there, and oh, the date. I called Sky a few days before camp to ask him where the papers were so I could check what time we needed to be there. He couldn't remember where he put them. I didn't question the day though, it had been on the calendar all month.

3. I checked the camp site on-line to get directions and check the times, the times and dates were not listed, but I printed out a nice map.

4. It's just a Jenny thing.

I have more, it gets way more entertaining. It just took some time for the sting to go away...

to be continued...