Well, we've got the good ole' Santa Ana winds ripping through Orange County right now. I think I heard it reported we'd be getting 70 to 80 mph winds coming through tonight and tomorrow. We've battened down the hatches and put the hens to bed in the coop early. Hens don't like wind, it ruffles their feathers ( a girl wants to look presentable...) and things falling around them tends to throw them into a startled chicken-little frenzy of "the sky is falling" which is sometimes comical but kind of sad- I have empathy for those of little brain, my hen friends.

I think I just decided to make this reeaal short, since I recently found out that my health status had resulted in way less blood volume ( just severely anemic, don't freak-not trying to make it sound omnious) and the adult dose of antihistimine and sudefed just hit my system big- time, I I am now, it seems, blogging while under the influence. Please forgive any typing errors. I forgot I shouldn't take adult doses (darn winds messing with my allergies tonight). I think the Dr. said I have half the blood volume, but then again I might not remember that right, since mental confusion and thinking fuzzy are symptoms. The poor man, he had my number and quizzed me about what I am supposed to take and do before I left his office. -I answered every question wrong! He then wrote it down for me, smart man.

Okay, I'm going to stop now, but I did want to mention that the carnival of homeschooling is posted, you can go on over to read really good/interesting posts.

I'm going to go now, cuz I do feel really funky right now....
see you around the internet!