half of a lovely couple...

I went shoe shopping tonight, because, well, I really needed some nice everyday shoes. My current everyday shoes are not so nice.
I call them my chicken-farmer's-wife-shoes, and they look it.

But, oh, they are so comfortable!! I wear them around the house, and out and about doing mom things-like the park, grocery shopping. I try to remember to change them if I go somewhere where it might count, like the library or out to eat...or let's say shopping in an upscale department store... ahem. Sometimes, much too often' I forget to change the shoes.

Something really had to be done about my shoes, so I finally had a free space in my day to go find me some nice, but comfortable shoes. Let's just cut to the chase and let me fess up that I walked into Nordstrom's in my chicken-farmer's-wife-shoes.

Now, I'm kind of short and I am attired more often then not in bootlegged jeans that are alittle too long for me- my shoes usually peak out looking kind of worn, but not too noticeable. Until you are standing in the middle of Nordstrom's in the shoe department, under the bright lights chosen to show off the wonderful, beautiful new shoes showcased there. I had to fight the urge to go slink away. My time slot would be lost if I went home to change,...so I tried to wrap myself in a shred of dignity and went ahead and tried on shoes. Peeling off my insoles from my tired, dusty old shoes and painstakingly jamming them into the new shoes was more than I could venture though, so I skipped that part.

dignity girls, always dignity.

the 2nd photo is of my new pair. Aren't they lovely? I'll try to remember not to wear them out to the coop.