L.E.N.S. ~A book is an Adventure Winners!

Here are the two winners of this week's L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge.  Thank you so much for playing!  

1)  Homeschooling Just Next Door

I love the intense look of concentration captured here, and how close she got, filling up the frame. We also have a soft spot at our house for Amelia Bedelia! <3


2) Serving From Home


I really like the different point of view shown here. This is a really neat shot.  Love that he is reading the Bible! I heart this! :)


thank you for joining up with us!   I will not be hosting another L.E.N.S. on Saturday, after some soul-searching and some decisions regarding where my energies are best spent- I've sort of decided to put the brakes on L.E.N.S. and maybe host it once a month. I am thinking maybe having L.E.N.S. on the first Saturdays...not sure if anyone will be able to remember to link up once a month....we will see how it goes. I still love bettering my photography, and I love seeing what other bloggers come up with.

see you 'round the internet, friends.

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