a homeschooling week that was, Sept. 25th

We are deep into the back- to -homeschool-craziness here!  All of our outside activities and classes have started up again.  Lots of drive-time for mom!  Here's a run-down on what we've been up to here at home :) Sky gave up on the garden.  He has been very busy with his woodworking, so the garden just went sort of wild.  We decided to go ahead and open it up to the hens.  This is the equivalent of Hen Nirvana.

We are enjoying our studies, and enjoying some great read-alouds.  We finished the first Artemis fowl on audio book, and have started the second book, Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident.  We are listening to these in the car.  I'm suddenly very popular, I have lots of company on errands :)

Demi-Sky is reading The Mysterious Benedict Society with me, Amie is starting A Little Princess (& yes, it has to be the Tasha Tudor illustrated edition!).  I'm a bit at a loss for a reading book for Teddy right now, I'm trying to think of one that will capture his interest but not be too difficult for him.  Josie is reading The Return of Sherlock Holmes on Meg's Kindle, Meg is reading Mere Christianity and just finished Finnigin of the Rock.  Sky is reading the last Artemis Fowl.  I just finished The Power of Six.

Homeschool is moving along.  We just started Switched on Schoolhouse English with the 3 youngest.  I went through the 1st 2 lessons with each child to see how it works and what the work is like.  I found the 1st day tedious.  I think that goes along with trying to learn a new program and reading each lesson through three times in a row.  Usually, I try to do things only once...  The second lesson was pretty interesting.  I am planning on having the three work independently on this...hopefully.  In addition to the SOS English, I am also doing MCT Language Arts with the kids.  It is beautifully and imaginatively written.  I have to admit I am very enamored of this program.  In way only a grammar-geek/homeschool mom could be <3

We took a beach day this week.  It was lovely, cool and not crowded.  A So. Cal beach on a Summer day is the definition of crowded.  Once school is in session, it is lovely and uncrowded.  We could hear seals barking at the end of the jetty, but couldn't see them.  The kids played, I read. Bliss.

We've started back to the skate-park as p.e. for the 3 younger students.  We skip this during the Summer- too crowded. We arrived late morning and they had it pretty much to themselves till lunch-time.  Art class has resumed for the 3 youngers plus Josie- they are all happy to be back. I am happy they are all in the same class, I get to drop them off and head to the bagel store :)  Meg has returned to Irish Dance, Josie is back to fencing.  Demi, Amie & Josie are back to piano, Meg is continuing with violin.  All in all, we are a busy crew!


how was your week?