never look a gift-horse [lunch bag] in the mouth

alternate title:  teens are hard to buy for...

A package arrived at our house. 

I opened it, very excited.  Amie had asked for this very cute painted ponies backpack last year and when I finally got around to ordering it, they were out of stock.  So, this school year I was pleased to see they still had them, and they were throwing in a free matching lunch-bag, too.

So, the lunch-bag arrived (the backpack is on back-order) and I unpacked it with glee.  I had escaped sub-par mom status with this successful purchase....  Anyway, I unpacked it with glee, then put it behind my back while I went searching for Amie- intending to ask her to "pick a hand".

Meg saw me pull it out, saw me approaching her direction with an excited smile and the bag behind my back...and she assumed with much alarm that I had ordered it for her- since she loves horses.  She pasted on this frozen sort-of-terrified look on her face.

I realized that she was afraid it was for her,

and she was frantically trying to figure out a way to tell me she really did not want a pretty ponies lunch bag~ without hurting my feelings!  I put her fears to rest.  After having a really good  laugh at her expense...first.

I had to make her pose with it for the blawg....

Alternate title: dumb teen tricks...