L.E.N.S. WINNERS! -perspective editon

 This week's winners for the L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge- perspective edition are:

1) The Family Trifecta

this photo has wonderful wow effect!  What a shot!  It's a great shot, an unusual shot- and I loved the post she wrote to go with it about perspective. 

2) Homeschool Success

Mary wrote that this photo is framed at her house, and makes her smile whenever she looks at it. The smile here is catching, how could you not smile!  I love how close-up her subject is, the in your face perspective is not such an ordinary one- and I love how the depth of field makes his friend in the background seem so far away.  Wonderful!

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful photos with us!  I hope you all can come back on Saturday when the challenge will be Shadow.