you don't bring me flowers anymore

photo by MakaniMike, used with permission

Yesterday, I walked into the house and was greeted with a ladder in my dining room and bits of drywall on the floor and table. (having a construction artist for a husband, this is not an unheard of experience)

Sky heard my plea for more lighting in the dining room for homeschool- and decided to surprise me with canned lighting.

"I was hoping to have it all done before you got home, Surprise!" said Sky.

Years ago, it might have been roses- but now, I get home improvements.

And you know, I'm good with that.  Is it our age? That we've been married so long? Have we just grown too practical?  I don't know the answer to that...

But I do know, I would have been disappointed if he spent $60 on roses, but neglected my canned lighting needs.

Next up?

This hot mom wants new counter tops. Be still, my beating heart.