L.E.N.S. -'begin the story' -WINNERS!

I say every week that it is difficult to choose only two winners, -this week was really, really difficult. I chuckled and smiled my way through your entries- I loved the creativity!

Here are the 2 picks for this week:

1) Live, Laugh, Love

wow, love this shot! I am waiting for the children to spring to life...or wondering what spell they were cast under...

2) Ten kids and a Dog

These photo begs the question, "what is going on here?" and makes you wonder what they are going to do next... love it!

Thank you everyone for playing! Your photos and story starters *continued- would make a great future post, please comment if you finish them, so we can visit. :)

join up next week, when the theme will be "Back to School"

future challenges are in the sidebar.....

9/11/10 -Back to School

9/18/10 - smells/looks/feels/sounds like fall (pick a sense or two)