Begin the story...the rest of the story

For our recent The Learning Never Stops Photo Challenge,
I posted this photo with this story starter:

There were only 4 minutes left in the game. Everyone knew that this was her time to shine...if only she could believe it. Her coach called a time-out so he could remind her of the strategic play that could win them the championship....

here is the rest of/real story....

This wasn't the championship, and this wasn't her time to shine. In reality, we had the rink to ourselves the week before Christmas- and our family plus cousins all took to the rink for hockey practice and fun.

In this photo, Amie was being called to the carpet by Dad...because as a new player she kept dropping her hockey stick- and then could not pick it back up wearing gloves. She became frustrated, more frustrated and began acting out her frustration on the rink- letting everyone know with her body language that she was frustrated and hated her stick/her glove...whatever.

Dad was nailing her on her attitude here and her bad sportsmanship and giving her the option of getting some self-control or sitting out.

kind of a different was fun spinning it the other way!

I hope you will join us next week for the theme: "Back to School"
see you Saturday :)