L.E.N.S. WINNERS! -Black & White Portrait

I loved seeing the portraits you entered for this challenge! I love changing a photo to black & white to see how the focus can change. I hope this challenge encouraged you to think more often about seeing how a photo might be enhanced by converting it to black & white!

Here are the 2 winners for this week:

1) Life with my Giggly Girls

I love how close she cropped this, really bringing the focus to her face. I also love her Mona Lisa smile!

2) Homeschool Success

I love the departure from the classic smile pose. I love the dramatic personalities-just in your face, what you see is what you get! I also loved that when I grabbed the photo, it was titled "this says it all" !

Congratulations winners!

Come by next week when the challenge is "Sunlight". Let's see what you come up with! :)