Club Jen True or False-Answers

**True- I have never been to Canada before, this was my first visit.

**False- We have traveled a bit, but the flashing lights at some intersections stumped us.

**False- Vancouver was not like Orange County, but according to Jen, it is more like New York.

**True- It did rain most of the time, and yes, I forgot my coat.

-The above photo was taken from inside a cupcake store in Vancouver.

**False- I did not buy a raspberry coat in an expensive store, I bought a very practical black raincoat. It was $89, which in light of me almost buying a pair of $150 sunglasses at the coach store, the raincoat was a good buy. -I'm still dreaming of those sunglasses...

**False- Our kids did not go to Canada for a circus summer camp. They went to Canada to attend The Summer School of Truth, which is a Bible Camp. We arrived the last day to see the very last session, and hear the kids speak and sing. I was so glad I went, and had the opportunity to hear what is being poured into these kids. We were thinking we would drive the kids back, but they wanted to return on the bus.

**True- I did have the best fries ever, in Vancouver at an Oyster bar. Imagine parmesan-crusted french fries, seasoned and fried to a golden brown in truffle oil. Oh My Word.
Club Jen occupied a table at a front window, where we commenced to people watch with a vengeance, -right in front of the valet parking, primo spot.

**False- My friend Jen does live in Washington State, but this was my first ever visit to Pike's Place. I have lived my whole life in California.

**False-Jen's oldest dd did drive us around downtown Seattle, but not in a new car- she has wisely been handed down the dented old family mini-van. Wisdom this is, because she promptly scratched it.

**True-!! Painfully true! We did have chocolate Nutella strawberry crepes, and I am forever ruined. I knew Nutella was evil. I have concrete proof now.

**False-!! Sky's crepes are better!! But, I did get ideas from these. I think the Nutella was time Sky makes crepes, we will just slather on a thin layer of Nutella. Sky uses fruit plus mashed up fruit syrup and brown sugar. These were minus that.

**True- Meg did wish she had brought her violin with her, when she saw many different muscicians out busking. Dollar signs were dancing before her eyes...untill she saw this guy.

"Mom", she said, "I don't think I could compete with the guitar/hermonica/hoola-hoop combination, cuteness will only take me so far." !

**False- I did forget my motion-sickness patches, and I did warn my seat-mate, since take-offs and landings are going to be when *it will happen. My seat-mate informed me that he would have rather have been surprised, instead of sitting in anticipation of the event.
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