Blog Par-tay!!

It's blog party time! Welcome to our blog!! Come on in and make yourself at home. We've got some sweet tea over on the side-board for Lindsey and all you other southern ladies. Sample some of Barb's apple cake, Laura helped me with the sauce (and we managed this time without her hubby's help). We've got some deviled eggs on the table, provided by our 5 hens, (try one...we don't want to offend "the girls")
And of course we have chips, salsa and avocado dip... because this is California, and that is just what we do around here.
Ultimate Blog Party

Let me acquaint you with our home-y little blog: At home are Jenny and Sky, the kids- Meg age 11, Josie age 10, Demi-Sky age 7 and Amie age 5. We live in So. California (don't hate us because we have beautiful weather!!) in a normal sized house, with a normal sized lot. We do manage to have 5 hens, a garden, and a worm farm despite our normal house persona. Sky is a building inspector, specializing in schools and hospitals. Jenny is the her spare time aka: home school mom. How does an unorganized girl of thought and habit homeschool?? Um, eclectically. You will find in my posts some Charlotte Mason practices, classical education practices, unschooling, literature-based, some text books and everything in-between. My husband likes to say I am the idea person, bless his heart. Our blog is a way to keep friends and family up to date on our everyday lives, a place to share my thoughts and ramblings, cute pictures of our kids, interesting homeschool ideas, and devotional thoughts on faith. And the friends!! I have made some incredible, sweet, smart friends here in blogland.

Our adventures, dreams and journeys all begin and end at home- life is an adventure, take a step!