Two Last pictures of us in Ireland- We visited the ruined monastic settlement of Glendalough, from the 6th century. Really neat monastary remains and cemetery and a 12th century round tower. The whole area was beautiful and sparked the imagination, imagining monks hiding in the tower with precious manuscripts while the vikings raided the area. We also stopped at Powercourt house (the picture with the two of us) which had gardens and shops, surrounded by beautiful green hills. I get very motion sick, this trip I took a break from my ear patches (work great but rough side-effects) and took some pills which knocked me out. I pretty much slept through all of the beautiful countryside and woke up only when Sky nudged me and told me we were "there". The trip was pretty much a blur. Just really glad I only took 2 pills instead of the 3 I was thinking of...Powercourt house I remember stumbling out of the bus and finding a scone and diet coke to wake me up. I also remember lots of sheep.