Around our house, with apologies to poets

I guess my blog is an official fact of life in our household now, my husband's admonishment that I couldn't share his worm food recipe in my blog confirmed it in my mind...

yes, my husband has a worm farm. And yes, he has a secret recipe he feeds them that he was enthusiastically crowing about to me. "They love, love, love it.."so he says.
And no, the hens don't know about the worms. They are in a secret location, somewhere in the United States with Cheney. Actually, they are in the garage. With the secret food. And hubby made sure to tell me I could not share the recipe. So I won't. Sorry.

This evening, we were listening to piano music with dinner. After one piece, Rand (age 7) says to me, "Mommy, this song makes me think about my little chicken and how I miss her and how Elsie misses her and how they used to be always together." I looked at hubby and told him, "you do realize we are raising a poet, don't you?" Hubby replied "That's fine, as long as he doesn't play with the other poets". My apologies to any poets out there reading my blog. Along with apologies to anyone looking for a good worm food recipe. It's not here, sorry.

And, I wanted to remind any homeschool moms or teachers, that Barnes & Nobles is having their educators week right now. This very minute. And, I went there tonight and bought a few items. The Thirteenth tale, which was given a high recommend by At a Hen's pace, and the DK Ultimate Peter Rabbit guide, which was recommended by another blog, (sorry, I can't remember who- I will link if I find it) and a workbook, and a dvd series the kids have been into..I will have to do a review on that soon. I went, saw, bought and conquered. I love a good sale!