the interview

I've been tagged by the lovely and mysterious Caffeinated OC Mommy for an interview blog-meme. I'm going to be a good girl and blog this before my A.D.D. brain forgets all about it...

Microphone - B&W


here goes:

1) What is your favorite lipstick color?  Okay, here is the point, on the very 1st question, even! -where Caff might break-up with me. Confession: I don't have a favorite lipstick color!!  I should!  I would!  Um, but I keep forgetting or don't have time to go on the hunt for the perfect color.

I will tell you the color I have been wearing the last few months:  Raspberry Glace by the body shop.  It's a little too dark for me, I look best in a faint blush I think.  This color is close, but a bit too dark.  I put it on and then blot it down a notch.  I am so sorry to disappoint you, Caff!  {hanging my head in shame}

2) Betty? or Veronica?  Neither, my answer is Amy Pond.

3)  What's your best advice for a new blogger? Find your own voice, but don't be afraid to experiment a bit till you find it.  Post often (I fail at this! do as I say, not as I do!)  share the bloggy love and for goodness sake, no automated music or super busy backgrounds that make my eyes burn!

4)  Where's your favorite spot for a date night with the Hubby?  Dinner in Old Town Orange and then Barnes & Nobles

5) Why did you start blogging?  I wanted to share our daily life, specially our homeschool life- with family.  Funny though, I rediscovered a love of writing, made a new love of photography and made many friends online.  (the one family member I really hoped to share with has never read my blog, sadly)

6) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Two places: back to Dublin, Ireland with Sky and anywhere  warm & tropical that has the word "Island" in it, with Sky.

7) Any future goals you'd like to share?  I'd like to learn how to use my camera and kyak with orcas. {I am currently badgering Sky to take me where I can kyak with Orcas...I'll report back}

since this is a meme, I will be tagging a few bloggers whom I would like to know better.  Here are the rules:

1) Post the rules.
2) Tag up to eleven 5 bloggers by posting links to their blogs, and let them know.
3) Create eleven 7 (it's lucky!) questions for the people you’ve tagged.
4) Answer the questions your tagger posed for you.

5)Have fun!

I am tagging-

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ladies, I will email you my questions :)