homeschool day in the life -March

Here is a look at our Monday:  We started the day around 9-ish  (yeah, still working on that) after everyone had breakfast we all sat around the dining table and worked on Math.  The 3 youngest students are using Math-U-See and Horizon Math, Josie is using Math U See Algebra 1 and Meg is using Math-U-See Algebra II.

After Math, the high school girls began working on their other assignments independently.  They had grammar review for test prep, Biology for Meg, Art appreciation for Joise, Earth Science for Josie using Switched on Schoolhouse and Language arts for each using Alpha Omega Life pacs.


Here is a page from Josie's LA life pac, grade 9 unit 4.  She is learning about topic sentence patterns.  She also takes a composition class with Biola Star on Thursdays.

Meg is learning about Poetry right now with Alpha Omega's Life Pac -LA grade 11 unit 5.


Her work was about meter, rhyme, feet, all that good stuff.  I also found her a helpful youtube lecture on meter,  here:  Youtube Rhyming Schemes lesson  and Poetry Metrics 1 by the English Guy in Texas

The 3 younger students did cursive handwriting and then had a short snack break.  Once back at the table, we worked on grammar.  Today we learned about helping verbs and review linking verbs from last week's lesson.


We worked in our Spectrum test prep books on reading skills.  I did a read aloud for History and asked questions as I read.  We then stopped for lunch.  The kids ate lunch and then tore through the house with nerf guns.  I did my best to tune them out.  The high school girls moved to their bedroom to work in quiet.

After lunch, we did a Science reading worksheet.  The 3 younger kids then had a 1/2 hour of quiet reading time.

I had to leave and take Meg to her violin lesson.  Josie practiced piano, the 3 youngers continued to tear up the house and play their nerf gun wars.


My photoshop elements 10 arrived from Amazon!  Much rejoicing in the land.  Ok, I was happy, no one else noticed...  I finally had enough with the nerf wars and the upended furniture and commanded the kids to clean up and stop.  They did and then watched an episode of Sherlock.


Meg went to the front room and practiced her Irish hard-shoe dancing.  More noise!  The 3 youngers were now just free-ranging around the house.


Amie gave Emma the wonder labradoodle a bath, Dad paid her $5 to do this.  Emma was not real impressed with how her day was turning out.  The 2 boys played a computer game online.  It's a game with viking villages and forts...kind of educational.... Before dinner, Sky took Demi to his martial arts class, Teddy's mom arrived to take him home and I started dinner.

So ends our day in homeschool land.  Nothing artsy or creative was done today, but it was very typical and normal.