Oliver enjoys a good blaze

We've had a spat of weather here in Orange County, which for me is an excuse to put a fire in the fireplace :)  Our cat, Oliver, decided to enjoy it with abandon!

He's actually in my seat- this is where I like to sit with my laptop, I like to be toasty.  We fight over this spot.  I usually move him, chair and all to another near-by location, and then I move in.

Life is so busy here at the house!  Here's a idea of what is happening at Home:

  • We've gone wheat-free {insert screaming smiley face here}  Amie and I are on day 7 of wheat-free, Sky is on day 8, the other kids are mostly wheat-free but still indulge some.  I never, ever thought I could go wheat-free. I have really surprised myself.
  • I read this book>>> Wheat Belly, which explains the item above.
  • I decided on REAL Science Odyssey by Pandia press, it arrived this week and we will dive in on Monday
  • Occupy my kitchen has ended, after a 16 day siege.  No final photos though, until we paint, which will be this week.
  • I made rice-krispy treats tonight, using Rice Chex, since they are gluten-free. The family gobbled them up.
  • I've been enamored with pinterest.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you should!
  • we are just finishing up book 3 of Artemis Fowl - Artemis Fowl and the eternity code, just stellar!

Here's a link to my pinterest boards- the whole thing is very addicting, but I am very pleased at all the recipes I am finding, and all the home decorating ideas I see. Click over, if you dare ;)

So bloggy-friends, how have you been? What's new?