7 Quick Takes Friday -stuff at home


We started REAL Science Odyssey by Pandia Press this week.  Teddy was sick one day, he is not here on Wednesdays and then this Friday was a holiday, so we only got one day in...but it went really well, the kids enjoyed it and were excited about upcoming experiments.  I chose the Chemistry book in level 1, which goes up to 5th grade. With my boys' aversion to writing much, I thought it would be a good fit.



The #Occupy My Kitchen siege has mostly ended. It was a 16 day ordeal, but I was finally allowed to use the sink again.  Today, Sky sanded the walls a bit, put up a grey-tinted primer and then began painting the kitchen walls red.  This is kind of huge for us.  I love, love, love red- but as far as our home goes, we are kind of white/beige neutral people.  I had a really hard time getting Sky to paint the dining room grey.  So, red is a big step for us.  I also really want open shelves in the kitchen.  We decided to try taking the cabinet doors off and painting the back walls of the cabinets red, to get the feel of open shelves before fully committing to them.  So far, I am in love. <3

{you can see the grey primer on the shelf-walls here, our yellow pantry and part of a red wall-and the new subway tile in this photo}



This is, I think, day 13 of Amie and I being Gluten- free. Sky is on day 14.  The other kids are mostly gluten -free, but indulge a small bit.  It has been much, much easier then I ever imagined it would be. If you looked up the word "follow-through" in the dictionary, my photo would be there with a line slashed through it...ha!  I have never ever really been able to stick to a diet.  This has not been hard, once I decided to go ahead and do it.  I have lost only 2 lbs so far, but the first week I snacked quite a bit on trail mix with m&m's...I had to rethink that snack option!  I haven't been exercising.  I feel really good, no more bloating and the shakes I would get between meals and snacks, are gone.  Wheat really was my crack...  The book, Wheat Belly, convinced me to try this path, the author also has a blog~ Wheat Belly blog, which is very interesting.


Did I tell you how much I love my new red kitchen?!

Photobucket ~5~

We were at the Orange Circle the other day, and we ran into this statue in the doorway of an antique store.  The kids immediately began mock screaming and running away from "The weeping Angel"!!

Yes, we are Dr. Who fans, big-time! {geeks}


I really enjoyed having this Friday off. What a blessing!  I'm kind of thinking, a free Friday every couple of weeks would be a really nice thing.  Luxury? Probably. Practical? No. A girl can dream.



I started this hen painting months ago, over the Summer.  It sits, unfinished.  I am the queen of unfinished projects.  We had some Bible college girls over for dinner, they saw this canvas and thought it was a line of hens I was doing with no faces.  Hmm, a thought...should I start a trend of faceless hens? Make it some kind of deep, philosophical statement about the sexes, or women's roles in society?? (I'll be sure to let y'all know if I open an etsy store full of faceless hen paintings!)

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