So Ca Social at the Orange Circle

I was lucky enough to hear about this fun blogging event called the So Cal Social.  It was a day of mingling, shopping, lunching, exploring new shops and making new friends.  Here's a link to the So Cal Social page {I  hope they do this again next year!}

The Orange Circle was where it all happened- if you've never been, it's a sweet old-fashioned area with many shops, restaurants and antique shops.  It's a unique spot, several movies have made it a backdrop, several commercials, too.  It's my fav place to walk around on a nice day.


It's a fav spot for me, but- herding along 5 kids doesn't ever afford me the luxury of exploring the many interesting shops here. [Ever]

I usually only see the inside of the yogurt shop, the library, the bagel store, the martial arts studio...

  •  oh look, here is Mark Montano and a few bloggers in front of Down Home Antiques- a store I had *Never* been inside!

{Mark Montano was the special guest~ author of The Big A$$ Book of Crafts and t.v. personality and just all-around-nice guy}


Eikon Home {why yes, another store I have never been inside of!} was my pick of favorite store of the day- though it was hard to pick just one.  Mental note to go back one day and browse again.  Eikon Home is located on Glassel on the South side of the circle.

Our day began at the center of the circle (it's a traffic circle with a park in the center).  Once checked in, we were given a map of all the stores participating in the social, and a special swag bag to collect the wonderful swag the shops handed out...and it was handy for any purchases we might make, too. Ahem.

Yes, I said swag- insert blogger squeals here.


Paris in a Cup Tea Salon- {Yes, another store I've never been inside} very cute store with a bakery counter and a little restaurant where you can get tea. Swoon.

I joked with Mark Montano over our diet coke addictions, while we waited- with several other bloggers- for our diet cokes to go.  Whew, I was feeling faint there for a few minutes.  Shopping and walking will leave you feeling depleted...

  • I had to snap this photo of the guys chatting out these windows- not a sight usually seen on this street.  It was just so cute.


The Orange Circle (a.k.a Old Town Orange) is a sweet place.  It's very photogenic.

We caught the back end of this wedding photo shoot in an alley.  I love this shot!

Well, we shopped, laughed, consummed and then headed to lunch.  I have so many photos, I am going to break this up into two posts-

Lunch at The Filling Station will be in part 2

are you jealous yet?  Come next year!