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We started our new Science program this week.  I decided to go with R.E.A.L Science Odyssey from Pandia Press.  We will be doing their Chemistry level 1 program.  It consists of a textbook and student workpages that I can copy for each child.  They will put these pages into a notebook.  I will forever, *be* a worksheet girl... The experiments use items that can mostly be found around the house.  There are several lists in the book warning me of items to collect for each week.  There is a also a handy chart showing how to approach each week: what to read, when to do the experiment, which worksheets to complete.

So far, we take turns reading the chapter out-loud, together -then we work  on the worksheet.


The first chapter was about what chemistry is, how everything is made up of chemicals, and how a chemist learns about/tests chemicals.


The kids then went around looking at chemical lists on items we have around the house.  The list on our sunscreen was pretty was the list on a cereal box.

Next up~ the experiment: coming in a future post :)

Operation Occupy my Kitchen is officially over.

My kitchen is now {red} and I have open shelving. { love }

Unfortunately, since my children are in charge of keeping the kitchen clean, it is never actually clean, so no photo for the blog. **sigh**

photos coming soon, after I clean it myself....

Our Gluten-free adventure is going well, Sky and I are the most faithful, with Amie next.  I have cheated a few times, and while my reactions haven't been horrid, I still feel much, much better when I am gluten-free. Sky has actually had stronger reactions to straying. Amie doesn't seem to be bothered with gluten, I always suspected something disagrees with her because of a few symptoms she suffers from, but I don't think it's wheat now. Dairy, maybe?  It's really, really hard restricting a kid's diet...


Sky came home from Costco with this for me. {swoon} how I love that man!


He brought home 2 bags, which did not last long. Not long at all...unfortunately, they were a special item and our Costco doesn't have anymore.

Popcorn, Indiana ...

**come back pleeaase!!

don't forget me, kay?!

[need an ambassador] ?  I'm here for you.