vote team Pedro ~ 2011 Homeschool Blog Awards!

The 2011 Homeschool Blog awards end tomorrow ( Friday, November 18th).

This blog is nominated in two categories:

I would love if you'd click over and vote for this lil ol' blog!!  Once you click over, if you click the circle on the left next to the blog name, that will cast your vote.  If you click on the actual blog names- you will jump to the blog, it's a great way to browse and discover new blogs to read.  *once you have voted in that category, however, the names will disappear, so do your browsing first!  Once the awards are all done, they will post a list of all nominees so you can go browse to your heart's content again.

You don't have to vote for each category, if you are not inclined-the lists are pretty long!

thank you for reading!! <3