homeschool-a day in the life

So, {it's wonderful} having a husband who can pretty much handle any home renovation job. So, {it's painful} having a husband who can pretty much handle any home renovation job, because he has a normal regular job and has to work on our house when he gets home or on the weekend...

which means the inexpensive kitchen face-lift he is said would be completed Friday-Sunday is still in progress and is now estimated to end on Wednesday.... (it's a double-edged sword thingy)


Here is what my kitchen looked like Monday morning. Not in the photo is Sky, welding his mini-jack hammer thingy (he has a real jack hammer, too..but it would be too big to put on the counter...the previous owner seems to have made sure that the tile counter could withstand a hurricane, not that we are in hurricane region...)


I fled the dust and noise and took our homeschool on the road.  First stop was Bagel Me in Old town Orange- we did our Math and handwriting here.  We have added Horizons Math alongside our Math-U-See for the littles...I like it so far, Horizons reminds me of Abeka, but with less parts. The pages are colorful and each lesson focuses on subjects not covered really in our current Math U See levels- I think it will be a good mix for the kids.


 We went home for lunch, then headed over to Barnes & Nobles, where we did grammar and writing.  I am using Writing With Ease book 2 with the 3 littles. I heart this program. It has very little writing in the beginning, which sits well with the two busy boys who are allergic to writing. So far, it is mostly me reading a literature passage to them, asking a series of scripted questions to teach them to notice details, order their thoughts and summarize- and then they tell it back to me and/or write out a dictation passage.  Just right.


 I am really getting a kick out of MCT's Grammar Island.  I was a diagramming-grammar geek in school.  I love this program.  It's very gentle, very creative, and has different/interesting fonts. I am a bit of a font nerd too.... Today I discussed how adjectives modify nouns and pronouns, and what direct and indirect adjectives are. {swoon}

The Orange Circle is a favorite place to visit.  My kids have decided we need to homeschool on the road more often... Me, I'm always a sucker for a chocolate chip bagel and people-watching :)

So, there you have it,  a not-so-typical day in the life of a homeschool family. I hope your week is working out fabulous!!