Camp Spooky -fun for the littles

We had the opportunity to visit Camp Spooky for a special blogger-event.  I was very excited to take our two youngest to Knott's Berry Farm for this event.  You see, Sky and I have many happy memories of Knott's from our high-school dating-days. (yes, we are high-school sweet-hearts)

We started the day with Breakfast at Lucy's Lunchbox.  The breakfast burritos were very good.  Time with Snoopy was a special added bonus.

Snoopy gave the youngest nuggies, and fist-bumped Sky.

I had the chance to meet Sugar Jones during breakfast- Squee!  (It's a blogger thing, we love the not-norm instances of being able to exchange blog business cards, swap twitter handles and talk blogging-stuff!)

As you can see, the stroller-set dominated this early morning scene!

We enjoyed Camp Spooky (Camp Snoopy) before the park officially opened.  The kids were able to ride several rides as the only riders, and were asked on several occasions if they wanted to go around again. {but of course!}

Camp Spooky was festively decorated for the Fall and Halloween Season. {I heart Fall, my very favorite time of the year!!} But, it was pretty tastefully done, and really, your little ones will not be alarmed at all.

The kids enjoyed the rides and the trick-or-treating, I enjoyed the beautiful California weather.

Honestly, as homeschoolers, we are a bit spoiled as far as dealing with crowds.  I really prefer to go to public places during the week, if I can.  When I realized the Camp Spooky event was scheduled for a Saturday...I wondered how much we would really enjoy the day.  I was very surprised to find the whole day [Saturday] not crowded at all!  We hardly waited in lines.  I could see the park filling up after it opened, but it remained very uncrowded.  My theory is that the crowds must be waiting for night-fall and the whole 'Halloween Haunt' event.  (Which by the way, Dh and I were at the very first ones...history...)

We really enjoyed our day, I encourage you to visit this month, your little ones will love it :)