Occupy my kitchen: day 13

Day 13 of #Occupy my kitchen.  The kitchen fairies must be very angry indeed with me. Very angry.  When I first heard the phrase "it will only take three days..." the echo I heard bouncing around my still- intact kitchen should have been an omen of warning to me.

Being married to a construction guy, I knew and expected the job to run over a bit.  Um, just not this long.

My brand new stainless steel sink {undermount, hoo-ya!} is installed but is forbidden to be used. Likewise is the new, beautiful faucet set Sky surprised me with (we were going to re-use the old ones).  The new subway tiles are installed, and as of yesterday, grouted.


my new butcher block counter top sits gleaming, as if wet.  The empty, shiny counter mocks me.

The clear-coat epoxy that will protect the wood needs 72hrs. to cure. 72 hours!!  (sometimes you  have to read the instructions first...). And then, Sky wasn't satisfied with how the first coat went on, so he sanded it down some, and added another coat

{72 hours!!} 

Insert screaming smiley face here.>>

Next goes the mariner's varnish on top of this.

did I mention we cannot use the sink??

help me.