Winners! *L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge- This Moment

Thank you everyone for joining in this week, I really enjoyed seeing your photos and reading the stories that went with them.  This week's winners are:

1) My Southern, Hippie, Married, mom of four life!

 this photo is beautiful, the aged hands with the very young hands...the choice of black & white, one of the comments was that this would make a beautiful painting- I agree. 

2) From Doing to Being

Kim wrote about often fumbling with her camera and missing the moments, mostly getting posed shots..this day, her dogs had an unexpected bath- she missed the plunge, but captured the ending.  She wrote about remembering to be present in the moment, ending with these wise words...

"all of life is seeing the extraordinary in these everyday moments."

Congratulations, winners!  

 I hope you will join us on Saturday when the challenge will be...

The eyes have it...