L.E.N.S. Sunlight WINNERS!

Picking just two winners every week, is really a challenge. We had so many wonderful and different shots this week. Here are two that just jumped out and showcased "sunlight", I thought...

1) My Home in the Smokies

wow, love the pastel blues and the sun peaking out of the clouds. Wonderful!

2) Mom's Mustard Seeds

So many striking things about this photo. First, the range of colors- just wow! Then, I like the sunlight towards the horizon, and then the reflection of the sky in the water is awesome.

Thank you bloggers for sharing with us this week!

Next week's challenge is "Listen"...I'm going to leave that one wide open, find your own interpretation.

Saturday, Sept. 4th the challenge theme will be "begin the story" - for this one, find a shot that could launch a story.... or one that could be on the cover or front page of a storybook.